'Nano' Microblading

'Nano' Microblading

Hello You,

Thank you for your interest in this very popular service. Let me introduce myself, my name is Kami Palmer.  My awareness for fuller brows goes back to my childhood days.  I personally loved my big bushy brows as a kid! When the 90's hit I did get a little into tweezing my unibrow but that was it. Then the late 90's came and I did what I thought was "Shape" my brows... it was bad! So fast forward 16 years and I got them Microbladed so I would not have to fuss with them everyday to FILL IN where they didn't grow! It has been so LIBERATING to not have brows that are uneven, balding, thinning, etc...
Now that I am a PMU (Permanent makeup Artist) I get to help others just like me who want to enhance their own natural beauty! I never thought I would do anything like this but now it has been 4.5yrs, I don't really want to do anything else🥰
Permanent Makeup by Kami Palmer
This Semi-Permanent Technique is more natural looking than traditional Tattoos. Instead of going through 3 layers of the skin, we only go to the 1st layer to put the ink/pigment ( mine are made of Minerals) into the skin. As time goes by you can let it fade out or do an annual "Color Boost"
Adjustments to your Shape & Color can be made.

If you are ready to be LIBERATED from your Brow makeup, Book a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you!.

This service is lifechanging for the following kind of people:
💥Athletes love this because they no longer worry their active lifestyle sweating off their makeup.
💥Oncology Patients love that they can feel like themselves again when their hair is gone from their Cancer Treatments
💥"Baldface" (people with invisible eyebrows) enjoy having their eyes framed all the time.

Pigment: Permablend by Tina Davies-Gray
Blade: 15 Nano U
Model: Meet Beautiful Mary, she has been working at The Strand in Longview, TX doing manicures 💅 & Pedicures for 47+ years. She is in inspiration of strength & endurance. It was a pleasure to get to enhance her Brows♡

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